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We make life savers out of ordinary people.

Whether you’re a member of a fire department, ambulance corps or have no affiliation at all, there is a continual need for Emergency Medical Technicians.  We specialize in teaching, educating and instructing men and women in the skills of an EMT and how to use those special skills and talents in preserving life.  For over 25 years we have successfully graduated thousands of EMT’s in the area.  Many of these health care professionals have gone on to become Medics, Paramedics, Nurses, P.A.s, and Doctors.




If you are an existing EMT in need of recertification, we offer a challenge refresher program. Your attendance will be based on your skills and knowledge, plus and mandated NYS DOH classes.




Learn by doing



NYS DOH EMS updates

Candidates may take the written test up to 3 times within one year of completion of class

EMT students in Central New York must register with REMAC at “CNYEMS.Org” after becoming an EMT

Printed EMT cards are coming out very slowly. your completed & passed test certificate will remain good until you receive your printed card.

PCR reports
a.) Beginning July 1, 2021, EMS agencies utilizing a paper-based PCR will be required to upload a copy of the paper-based record to the Department’s Paper PCR Portal.

b.) All patient care records are to be submitted to the state within 4 hours of the completion of the call at least 90% of charts.

EMT refresher class
a.) Challenge refresher class, you have the option of taking a written test the first night of class and/or take the NYS practical test the first Saturday of class. Your results of these two tests will dictate which classes you will be required to attend.

b.) Pilot / Rapid recertification refresher: you must attend a core number of classes and some additional classes to complete the requirements.