Class Requirements

Age: EMT students must be at least 17 years of age by the month of the scheduled NYS test date.


Student Qualifications:

Be physically fit enough to bend, stoop, and crawl on uneven terrain, withstand varied environmental conditions such as extreme heat, cold and moisture, work in low light and confined spaces, lift, carry and balance up to 125 lbs. and 250 lbs. with assistance. Take vital signs, be mentally fit enough to be unaffected by loud noises and flashing lights, function efficiently throughout an entire work shift, determine the nature and extent of illness and injury, use good judgment and remain calm in high stress situations, calculate weight & volume ratios, communicate verbally by telephone and radio, interpret written, oral and diagnostic instructions, read & write in English, interview a patient, family member or bystander, document in writing, all relevant information in prescribed format.


Dress Code: Classroom uniforms are not required, but students are required to attend class with a clean appearance and in non-offensive attire.


Tuition Fees: Student tuition are as follows: Which includes registration and tuition co-pay fees and insurance for non-affiliation students.

EMT original $850.00

EMT refresher $425.00

This registration fee is due by the end of the first week of class.  Payment of cash, check, or credit card. Payment arrangements can be made. $200.00 minimum deposit needed within the first week of class.


Fire Department & Ambulance Corp members : NYS Department of Health pays tuition for members in good standing except the following; (NYS affiliation form must be filled out, signed by the student’s affiliation and returned to the instructor by the second night of class.)


Registration Fee / Tuition co-pay fee:

Registration fee: NYS no longer supplies printed material for class students. These supplies include registration, application, affiliation forms, practical sheets, CPR cards, test forms, etc... In order to compensate for the state’s cutbacks, we are forced to impose a Registration fee for all students:


NEW Tuition co-pay fee: Due to the Covid virus, NYS has reduced EMT class reimbursement

By 20% for all EMS courses, Making students or their sponsor responsible for the difference.

EMT Original student: $150.00

EMT Refresher student: $75.00


Textbook: AOOS “Emergency Care” 11th edition (the workbook is not required).  Available at Nu-Tronics, 3615 James Street, Syracuse (315) 437-0033.


Challenge Refresher: This is an EMT challenge refresher class.  You will have the option to demonstrate your academic knowledge and/or practical skills the first week of class.  Your written test scores and/or your practical results will dictate which classes you will be required to attend.  You will also have to attend any NYS DOH mandated classes.


Pilot/Rapid Recertification Students: EMT Pilot/Rapid recertification program. This class meets the NYS didactic requirements for rapid recertification students. Additional requirements including practical skills, extra training and department requirements maybe needed to complete for the NYS recertification requirements.